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An All-Natural Story


Meet Ana

Ana Kamila Gutierrez-Niguidula is the creator and headmaker behind this artisanal brand, BODYFooD all- natural. What started as a personal and meditative activity has grown into a beautiful journey designing, formulating, & creating these most soulful intentional all-natural products. As more sought the brand for their wellness needs, she began to share this scientific & creative process with others who envisioned creating healthy, earth-friendly formulations of their own . Teacher Ana ( as she is fondly called by her students ), continues to study and update herself with medicinal discoveries on herbs & with the progress in the development of ingredients that may be used to improve formulations while keeping the core values of Bodyfood all-natural.

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About BODYFooD All-Natural

Bodyfood all natural celebrates its 23rd year this May 1, 2024. It was found on Labor Day and rightfully so that it is a humble and hardworking company that focuses on artisanally creating raw formulations and premium , luxurious, healthy and all-natural creations that focus on the home, bath, and body care. In fact, many of these creations are those that apply knowledge on topically applied herbal remedies.


Due to its use of the most high-quality & healthiest materials available, Bodyfood has consistently been able to provide a sincere kind of luxury and comfort that focuses in the richness of content rather than packaging and style.

Integrated Applied Science is an integral part of BODYFooD’s DNA; and so 6 years ago, we had opened its doors to full-day workshops that aim to thoroughly equip students to understand the common sense behind intelligent making.

The consistency of premium intentional service through its products  is consistent with the quality of its classes.

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