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  • How do I know my order went through?
    You must make sure that you have confirmed your order until the last step and have reached our THANK YOU PAGE upon completion. This means that your order has been successfully submitted.
  • Where can I find my Order Confirmation?
    Upon submitting your order and paying through Xendit, you will automatically receive an Order Confirmation in your email. Kindly make sure to check other inboxes such as SPAM or Promotions in case it gets sent there. For orders done through the assistance of our staff, once your proof of payment has been sent to us through email, we will reply as acknowledgement of receipt.
  • How soon should I settle payment?
    We encourage settling payments as soon as you have reached our Thank You Page. This allows us to reserve the products you ordered for you and puts your order in line for the soonest possible delivery/shipping date. Customers must check their inboxes and SPAM folders for their order confirmation email and send proof of payment through there.
  • Is there a cut-off for payment? Is delivery done on the same day?
    Yes. We implement a payment cut-off schedule to organize our deliveries and allow us to send these out in batches. ECOSHIP Orders paid between Friday to Monday are scheduled for pick-up on Wednesday. Orders paid between Tuesday to Thursday are scheduled for pick-up on Saturday. GOGO XPRESS Orders paid between Saturday to Monday are scheduled for pick-up on Tuesday. Orders paid between Tuesday to Wednesday are scheduled for pick-up on Thursday. Orders paid between Thursday to Friday are scheduled for pick-up on Saturday. SAME-DAY DELIVERY Same-day delivery is accommodated only for orders that are paid and if they are in NCR, Antipolo and other areas close to Taytay, Rizal. This will also depend on the availability of the items ordered.
  • Why was my order not delivered on the promised day?
    We will only release orders for customers who have REPLIED and ACKNOWLEDGED the message sent by our Workshop Assistant on delivery day. This is to assure that the package will be received by someone and that the courier fee will be paid by the customer.
  • How can I track my order?
    For customers within NCR, outside of NCR, Visayas and Mindanao, we use EcoShip and GoGo Xpress to deliver your orders. These come with tracking numbers that we send to you through email so you can check your delivery status. Please check your inboxes and SPAM for this email. Orders delivered through other local couriers, however, don't get tracking numbers beforehand as they are booked on delivery day. Make sure to have someone available to receive your item if you will be out.
  • Why do I need to pay additional for shipping fee when I've already paid for it?
    The shipping fee indicated when checking out is our MINIMUM RATE based on our GoGo Xpress' specifications. This fee is subject to change without prior notice as this is dependent on your exact location, the pouch or box used, and the overall weight of the package. You will receive an email or Viber message/SMS from us informing you of any balances incurred to be settled as soon as possible.
  • What's the difference between EcoShip and other local couriers?
    EcoShip is an earth-friendly courier partner that delivers items in compostable packaging via bikes and e-bikes. This is our default courier for areas in NCR as they only over this region at this time. We use other local couriers for nearby areas in CALABARZON.
  • When can I pick up my Order if I chose the pick-up option?
    You may pick up your item on any day as early as 11:00 am depending on when you have settled your payment. It is best to wait for a text message from our assistants to confirm that your order is already at the pick-up point.
  • Can I buy in bulk?
    Yes you may buy in bulk of 20 for gifting and personal use and get a 10% discount for this. Reach out to us through our email or Nikka, our Business and Retail coordinator at 09171438209, and we will gladly schedule a chat with you!
  • Are rush orders accommodated?
    As much as we would like to bring you your favorites as soon as you want and need them, we will be sticking to our weekly schedule of deliveries. Therefore, we encourage you to stock up on your favorites and the remedies you love to run to when needed.
  • Can items ordered be wrapped up as gifts and sent to the intended people?
    Yes! We love it when our items are bought for someone special. Just leave the recipient’s name and shipping address upon check out. We can write notes for the recipient for you too! Just add all the needed information on “Add a note” at the checkout page.
  • Where are the Workshops held? What's included in the fees?
    These are held in Antipolo, Rizal and run from 8am-3/4pm. The advance classes like Balms Building and Scent Building are till 5pm; Advanced Soap till about 8/9pm. All materials and basic equipment are included in the fees: 25k for basic classes / 45k for advanced classes including those to be taken home. All you need to do is to get there by no later than 8:00 AM. You may settle your enrollment fee through: Ana Kamila G. Niguidula BPI SA 9869103761
  • How do I secure my slot for the workshop?
    Slots are secured upon settlement of the fee. You may settle as soon as you've reserved as this allows us to have an accurate list and continue keeping slots open if there will still be any to be taken. A term payment arrangemnt may be made with Jonela so long as the payment is complete a month before the class date. Downpayments are non refundable. Once settled, please send a copy of your transaction for easy tracing and verification. A Viber group will be created a week before your class, so make sure you are on Viber and provide your complete name.
  • If I miss my slot for the workshop, will I be refunded?"
    Please ensure your availability on those dates as there are no refunds once the fee is settled. Since the course is for a small class, the slot is secured for you and your materials are included in the projections and the preparations are done a month ahead.
  • Can I reschedule after I missed my slot for the workshop?
    Rescheduling is accomodated only a month before the class' date to make time to fill the slot with the materials you will miss. Notes are not included for face-to-face classes, but a PowerPoint presentation is included for online classes.
  • Will I get copies of the videos or handouts from the workshop?
    Videos and photos of our blackboard may not be made. There will be no handouts but notebooks for your own handwritten notes are provided.
  • Can I bring my children with me during the workshop?
    We love children, I have 3 beautiful boys too, but our children may not join the classes or wait for us in the area. Please make the necessary arrangements to have them safe and attended to at home on the days you have your workshop.
  • My friends/family will be bringing me to the workshop. Can they stay and watch?
    Friends and family members may bring you to class and pick you up, but they will need to go somewhere else to enjoy and wait while you work with me in order to allow you and your classmates space to focus on our class, and enjoy the me-time as a group.
  • I have a little one who I need to nurse. Can I take them with me to the workshop?
    Should you have a little one still directly feeding, no worries, we will have workshops in the future and perhaps then when you may already leave for a few hours will be a better time for you to join class.
  • Do you do collaborations?
    Yes! You may reach out to us through our email.
  • Can I be a distributor?
    At the moment, we have stopped our Distributorship Program. We will announce online when we are ready to open this again.
  • Do you customize formulations?
    Yes, but we would like to speak to you through a call on Mobile or Zoom to get all the information we need from you to make the perfect blend for you before we get started. Reach out to us through our email or Nikka, our Business and Retail Coordinator at 09171438209, and we will gladly schedule a chat with you!
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