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Absinthe Balm (rheumatic pain reliever)

Absinthe Balm (rheumatic pain reliever)


Ingredients: Artemesia Infusion, Pilinut Oil, VCO, Beeswax, Wintergreen, Menthol

Rheumatic pain can be bothersome. It is a paid that is almost difficult to describe but one thing is for sure, muscle pain relievers dont relieve it. A strong anti-inflammatory that penetrates deeply helps and we have created this with our lolos and lolas in mind- mentholated even ! just like they want it.

Absinthe is make with Artemesia commonly called mugwort, wormwood , damong maria and is a local berb used to address this among other things. We grow our own and make our own and that is how we know ours is as bioactive as can be.

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