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Ingredients: VCO, EVO, MCT/Pillinut Oil, Ginger, Elemi, Lemongrass, Clove, Turmeric, Guava, Red Pepper, Tagetes, Tea Tree

Our ultimate pocket first aid balm is the perfect topical solution for insect bites, minor skin irritations or cooking and crafting burns.


The BA is a combination of extracts from various herbs that, when put together in the right proportion, coaches your body to attend to itself and brings aid through its anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, antihistaminic and carminative properties. Because of this, the BA, whether in balm or liniment form, is also a helpful remedy at the onset of cough and colds, brings relief from allergic rhinitis, and eases nausea and mild headaches without the tricks of menthol.


Uses: Insect bites, minor skin allergy, minor cooking and crafting burns, jellyfish stings, temple-nose-chest rub, migraine

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