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Bodyfood Avocado  Pouch- All-you need Selfcare

Bodyfood Avocado Pouch- All-you need Selfcare


We have curated what goes in this avocado colored set

1) perfumed crown -hair perfume

2) tinted balm palette-lip & cheek 4 hues

3) Ba balm- all around remedy

4) healthy beauty balm-nourishing skin balm

5) Rose Butter Cream- hydrating lotion cream

6)Ba inhaler-nasal allergies

7)BA liniment - all around healing liniment

8)brown bronze contour balm

9) tintless brow balm- brow conditioning

10) Meditatio - soulful scents

The pouch is free & comes free with a small slice of peppermint tea soap& an insanely sane sanitizer with leather holder, and a 5ml signature blend bodyspray.

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