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Lols & Me Set

Lols & Me Set



ABSINTHE BALM: Artemesia Infusion, Pilinut Oil, VCO, Beeswax, Wintergreen, Menthol

KNOTTY BACK BALM: Oils of Almon, Castor, Avocado, Grape Seed, Infusions of Ginger, Arnica, Clove, Coffee, Turmeric, Red Pepper, Black Pepper, Essential Oils of Cajuput, Eucalyptus, Camphor, Turmeric, Orange, Coffee, and Menthol

Absinthe Balm + Knotty Back Balm

* one for lolo/lola & one for you... or you can say, for the lola/lolo in you

Make Pain Soothing fun ❤️

FREE Accupressure Massager Stick

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