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Rose Laurel Nutmeg  soap

Rose Laurel Nutmeg soap


March 28-30 delivery

Extra Special soap collection

Did you know freshly pound nutmeg+rose is a perfume on its own and when added with Laurel bay leaf is elevated to a different level of class all together. Nutmeg when fresh and bayleaf can be the most androgynous aroma - and cuts the feminine floral facets of rose so nicely making its appeal to most anyone.In this soap we tea these herbs and take from them undistilled that lend characteristics similar but different from distilled essences.

The soapbase is made with olive oil and VCO and superfatted with Vit E rich & creamy cocoabutter.

This soap is has about 100-120 rose heads in it to balance the interesting blend of spicy fresh green smelling Bay & that happy nutmeg.

3li ( 20slices )

Delivered by March 28-30

preorder on website only, reservation confirmed upon payment as this is a very small batch and many want the artisanal soaps.

*mark pick-up if waiting for other products

oh what fun ✨

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