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Our Oil Of Manzanilla ( 30 ml )

Our Oil Of Manzanilla ( 30 ml )


Manzanilla is another word ( Spanish ) for Chamomile. It has been associated however as a drugstore term for the oils used to sooth gassy tummies . Unfortunately, these days the modern manzanilla has become usually an oil of synthetic citronella. No wonder many doctors have discouraged its use claiming ineffectivity.

Our Oil of Manzanilla couldn't be more true. Chamomile & Lavender infusions and their essential oils come together to create the most soothing skin oil of argan oil that also becomes an effective way to ease painful tummies by relaxing the smooth muscles and releasing gas. It is a perfect breast massage for anxious breastfeeding moms , and an after-bath baby oil to nourish the skin and soothe their senses.

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