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Rose Sandalwood Oat soap

Rose Sandalwood Oat soap


March 28-30 delivery

High grade Sandalwood is almost sweet & creamy . Together with Oats it is known to be very healing for very dry, eczematic, or sensitive wind-burned skin. The rose water and essential oils on the other hand are there to encourage healthy glowing skin.

Here is a soap that has the floral water of Rose , hydrosol of Sandalwood , the protein binding capacity of oat, and powdered sandalwood, and essence blend of rose & sandalwood. The aroma alone puts one in a trance of healing & comfort.

3li ( 20slices )

Delivered by March 28-30

preorder on website only, reservation confirmed upon payment as this is a very small batch and many want the artisanal soaps.

*mark pick-up if waiting for other products

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