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Sun-UVA-Gone : face sunscreen

Sun-UVA-Gone : face sunscreen


Ingredients: Jojoba Oil, Lavender & Chamomile Infusion in VCO, Argan Oil, Zinc Oxide, Essential Oils of Lavender Absolute and Blue Chamomile

It might be enough to many to simply shield our face especially from the sun's harmful rays. This will reduce the appearance of sun spots and premature wrinkles- the sign of UV- abused & damaged skin. That , this facial balm sunscreen will do with the help especially of soothing and sun-blocking zinc oxide. However why stop there? We have formulated this rich balm with nourishing base oils, non-toxic beeswax, and the most healing, calming, soothing, antioxidant infusions straight from the healthiest herbs that can help repair and protect our skin.

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