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Venus Bath Salts and Venus Perfumed Bath  Oil

Venus Bath Salts and Venus Perfumed Bath Oil


Love and Beauty in a jar and that is what these salts are about.

We have put together the most beautiful salt blend, a balance of cleansing Himalayan salts to draw out toxins, impurities from our skin, and support our reapiratory health, nourishing Dead Sea salts rich in minerals our bodily systems would benefit from, and Epsom salt to soothe and relieve. We have blended these with skin soothing herbs of rose and seaweed, and ground oatmeal too. Kaolin is there for gentle toning and gorgeous tea flowers of rose, osmanthus , and saffron all scented with exquisite natural perfumes of the highest grades of Oud, Sandalwood , Turkish rose, Italian Neroli, Vanilla, Petitgrain, and Jasmine.

Use as a bath tub salt soak before scrubbing or after washing, as a salt mix for the final rinse , or as a hand and foot spa soak, a face steam, add a drop of perfumed bath oil into the water or used after a salt soak ... However used this spa set brings love and beauty into our lives... definitely.

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