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Brow Balm (Tintless)

Brow Balm (Tintless)


All we want  is to keep them healthy ,  give them as much antiinflammatory goodness ( Hello Black Cumin and Vit E ) , keep them growing ( Hello Castor Oil and Rosemary). We know there are many brow balms put there  maybe with the same ingredients but did they make the ingredients? 


It makes a whole difference. 


The untinted balm are for those who  prefer to wear this even at night to nourish and condition brows and lashes. (Dont worry there are no essential oils in there, we know what we are doing.) These may be applied for the day as well for those who like to wear no make up and have a good set of brows to care for. 


We actually have some on now from drippings 😄


15jars of 5ml will go a long way

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