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Happy 20th, BODYFooD All-Natural!

Twenty years ago, it all began with lip balm.

Today, BODYFooD all-natural has built a reputation for being a premium bath and body care brand that advocates for health and wellness, the earth’s conservation, and shares its respect and admiration for nature and its gifts through its Makers’ Academy.

What began as just a way to keep the hands and the mind busy - creating and researching while deciding if the medical field was still the dream - became an obsession. There was no turning back. Before there were any courses to take, the learning happened on my own. In fact, it is true - the best teachers were the mistakes!

I remember researching and reading different materials, books, journals, - anything - hours on end. Back then, there was hardly any material compared to today. Had there been any at all, one had to intentionally relate one with the other.

Our continued love for science and art had allowed us to build a beautiful and intelligent brand without being purist nor preachy, and with only this to follow: by creating with the best possible ingredients (except for natural essences, having food-grade as the minimum requirement), we remained consistent with creating premium bath & body products and have stayed true to our love for the earth.

In its 20th year, it continues to make me happy and most fulfilled, and it feels as if it has more to teach and create.

We mark our 20th year releasing the best lip balm we have ever created since the first time. I cannot see how it can get better than this for a long while. The Little Lip Balm is a humble but mighty BODYFooD all-natural classic in the making.

Cheers to 20 years, BFan!

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