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Our Oil of Manzanilla

When we feel discomfort anywhere in or on our bodies, we turn to products and medicines that could provide relief. A lot of these things could be bought over the counter or in the department stores, but some of us like to turn to more natural remedies. Their efficacy may vary from person to person, but we can attest that there’s certainly an almost magical quality to using natural ingredients to cure ailments.

One of our best gentle remedies at BODYFooD All-Natural is Our Oil of Manzanilla. This blend of Argan Oil, German Chamomile, and Lavender angustifolia essential oils is especially made to relieve discomfort felt in the stomach. What’s interesting to know is how each ingredient also brings their own special benefits that go beyond treating gassy tummies.

  • Argan Oil

This well-known oil is derived from the nuts of an Argan tree and rarely gives users any allergic reaction. This oil is abundant with vitamin E which makes it a potent ingredient for skin products. It is said to bring several topical benefits like protection from the sun; as a moisturizer, and treatment for skin conditions, acne and skin infections.

It also helps in wound healing, soothing atopic dermatitis, reducing skin oiliness, and stretch marks. It is also said to have anti-aging properties.

  • German Chamomile

You may have had a cup of tea with this herb. Chamomile's properties have been known to help with getting a good night’s sleep, but it also has its own long list of other benefits.

Throughout history, it has been used to treat colds, sore throats, gingivitis anxiety, and even skin problems like psoriasis, acne, and eczema. This wonderful herb also reduces inflammation, muscle spasms, and speeds wound healing as well.

When it comes to digestive problems, it helps relax smooth muscle contractions that cause our tummy aches. Many times this is caused by anxiety... and well, it causes anxiety too. Chamomile helps either way thereby effectively aiding in bringing comfort and relief.

  • Lavender Oil

Almost everyone knows about Lavender Oil. In aromatherapy, we turn to it for relaxation and to soothe anxiety. When applied topically, it is said to have some effect in treating fungal infections, inflammations, allergies, eczema, nausea, and menstrual cramps.

BODYFooD All-Natural’s Oil of Manzanilla is a handy item to keep with you wherever you go. Keep a convenient roller in your purse and a generous supply in a bottle at home. Gassy tummies and an upset stomach may happen even in the safety and comfort of our homes, and can happen also in the in the middle of travel, or a family road trip.

The great thing about Our Oil of Manzanilla is that it isn’t limited to being used for the stomach area because it doesn't just serve as your first-aid carminative (calms our stomach's smooth muscles to help with digestion or to release gas). It is extremely helpful as a skin/massage oil when one needs the aid of aromatherapy to pacify the fussy little ones (well, give yourself one too).

It can be massaged on the temples to soothe nausea and headaches, and can even be applied on your palms, cupped to the face and smelled from time to time during a particularly stressful day without making you drowsy and still keeping you focused with less of the anxiety. It can get quite addicting though.

With a product so simple, one would wonder, why there hasn't been anything made the way we make ours. The answer is simple, too -- We are sincere about delivering this to you with only the most premium, genuine, ingredients that go through such meticulous process that would cost time and energy not all are willing to give. We love what we do and only want a manzanilla oil in the best possible form created for your loved ones.

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