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Make way for Philippina

The first quarter of 2021 was all about reformulating the favorites & the classics to prove that, as years pass, BODYFooD all-natural only continues to grow and get better than its best.

But while creative juices were squeezed to accommodate reformulation without losing what was already so great about each product in the first place, it was but right to finally, for the first time, formulate its first artisanal, purely local superstar soap in the Philippina soap

Using only botanical extracts like citrus and floral hydrosols; herbal teas and infusions; and all the beautiful natural essences of our local aromatics, Philippina was born. It is created to be an amazing sensorial bathing experience with its intoxicating sweet floral aroma, and its gentle cleansing action that does not dry the skin no matter how long one decides to enjoy shower time. Because it also stays true to being all-natural, biodegradable, and healthy, there seems to be only more reason to appreciate it.

BODYFooD all-natural looks forward to adding this to our list of staples, and hopes to bring this world class soap formulation to many, and to share the richness and beauty of raw materials in our country. It is definitely an “important Tita” gift, and must be one’s special pasalubong, or one’s must-have in the guest bathroom (because it really is exquisite and screaming “special!”). Otherwise, it is something beautiful to personally use for anyone needing major pampering.

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